It is maintained in transaction SMLG. Logon groups are used to automatically distribute user logons to individual instances or to groups of SAP instances Applications Server. The group defined in SMLG contains only active servers and the load each server has its own load values. This removes servers which are active but are busy for any reason. The saplogon process connects to the MS and asks for the favorite server of the logon group.

The Message Server sends back the IP address and port number of the favorite server. This procedure repeats for every logon. The saplogon process connects to the MS and asks for the favorite server of the logongroup. If the " Ext. If this field is not set, server that is entered as the best server in the logon group is used and the system does not perform any further balancing among the servers of a logon group.

RFC client balancing the connection among the servers of this logon group. In such situations its structure of data is updated with a next request to the MS and the client then receives the list of all servers of the group with its quality and delta quality. It reorders the list using random numbers. The Message Server redirect the request to the favorite application server. As from this first connection the URL in the browser change to the application server hostname.

The quality of a server is decreased by the delta quality after each connection.

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This may be a problem if many RFC programs start at the same time. It is possible that all RFC programs select the same application server for the first logon.

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For this reason there is a random number used during the Round Robing load balancing that is used to choose the application server.

The delta quality is 10, divided by the number of dialog work processes. If a server is not working any longer, the user has to open a new connection.

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RFC calls on an existing connection do not cause load balancing, you stay connected with the same server.Vivek definitely you will not be able to login then.

In such situation you have to either delete logon group ar change application server for this logon group. Hi, we have 3 instances i. I have created 2 logon groups i. When i am configuring logon group my drop down list where i can choose my logon group and SID is empty.

Can u tell me why so? Post a comment.

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Search this blog for other interesting articles. This article answers following questions:. Logon Groups:. Logon groups or work groups are configured to dynamically distribute the load being processed by the dialog work processes.

In many cases, SAP systems will have 2 or more sap abap instances. In these cases, logon groups can be configured to achieve dynamic distribution of dialog users on the ABAP instances. Setting up logon groups helps in uniform distribution of the work load across the available instances.

While logging on using a logon group, the ABAP message server is contacted to identify the instance with best performance statistics within the selected logon group. A report runs in SAP every 5minutes which determines the load across each server and updates in the memory area of the message server.

SPACE is the default logon group. This performs uniform distribution of the dialog workload. However, if you want to distribute users on some other criteria as following, you can create additional logon groups using SMLG transaction code. Other criteria:. It means HR module users will be restricted to logon to identified instances, similarly other module users are allowed to login to their respective identified instances. The advantages of this method, is only the programs of the respective module are loaded into the program buffer of the particular instances of that logon group.

Due to this, program buffer requires less memory and this helps to avoid buffer displacements thus improving system performance. Logon groups according to language, country or company division:.

This minimizes buffer displacements and improves system performance. Also less memory is required for the table buffer. Logon groups for certain user groups:. Also, based on URLs we can distribute certain group of requests to dedicated logon groups.

Asynchronous RFCs are used to process in parallel. However if the parallel processes are not limited properly, they can occupy all the available processes which impacts dialog users and can bring down the application. So, it is good idea to create separate logon groups for incoming RFC calls so that RFCs are kept separate from workprocesses of online users and thus avoids impact to dialog users.

Guide lines:. After assigning instances to logon groups.

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We need to verify whether the instances of logon groups are evenly distributed or not If an instance hangs or temporarily got disconnected, you should be able to redistribute the users. So, you need to setup at least 2 sap instances for each logon group. Setting up logon groups involves extra administration and monitoring. How to setup logon groups? In the above example there are 2 instances 00 and 09 in this SAP system. These are not yet assigned to any logon group.

We can create a new logon group by clicking on highlighted create icon on the above screen.It also allows you to modify this list of systems. The storage of the saplogon. The storage of other SAP Logon configuration files like sapmsg. SAP Logon will copy the existing saplogon. There, also the path of your local configuration files and the names and content of the loaded local configuration files are displayed.

The searching order of the saplogon. And the file found will be copied to the path of local configuration files for next SAP Logon Pad start. The sapshortcut. Additionally, a new configuration file SapLogonTree.

SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting, \

If the SapLogonTree. Otherwise, a new SapLogonTree. If SapLogonTree. In this example, SapLogonTree. The files saplogon. The SapLogonTree. If it is already existing, for example, in case you restart SAP Logon, it will be reused.

logon groups in sap

Your users can also use both the server and their own local configuration files together. This can be configured in the following ways:. Or you let your users run saplogon. For SAP Logon saplogon. The folders and entries defined on the server side will be shown together with the local configuration. In all cases, you still distribute the sapmsg.

For information how to do this, refer to the Frontend Installation Guide. If you want to distribute the server configuration files to another place, you copy the existing server configuration files to the new place. Then, edit the. You can distribute the server configuration files on an HTTP server.

In standard mode, at least one view needs to be enabled.LOGON groups are used to automatically distribute user logons to individual instances application servers or to groups of SAP instances. For a system having 4 or less than 4 instances, a common group may be used for all instances. For the system having large number of instances may be more than 4 it makes sense to distribute users for each specific application to two or more instances depending on the requirement.

One or more logon groups are set up for several instances. Several groups can be allocated to the same instances. In this case, the users of a LOGON group are distributed in such a way that the load on each of relevant instances is as little as possible.

If only a limited of users are to be allowed access to instances, or if a predefined average response time may not be exceeded, then maximum values. The optional definition of these values guarantees as much as possible that users are only logged on to the instance if the limiting values are not exceeded. However, the definition of limiting values does not prevent users from logging on to the instance directly.

It is also possible to log on to an instance with exceeded threshold values if all of the instances available for the LOGON group in question were also defined with limiting values and these were subjected to a relatively greater load.

Note: The definition of limiting values is optional and processed in the background standard system default. Limiting values must always be kept uniformly for each instance this is regulated automatically by the maintenance transaction SMLG since the average response time or the number of users can only be calculated globally for each instance and not for user of a specific group.

In other words, the limiting values apply to one instance, regardless of group, but at the same time, can be set up differently for the same group for another instance. However, in most cases, it is unnecessary to specify limiting values since the sole aim is to achieve an even distribution of users with regard to system load.

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Groups are set up for only one instance, but several groups can be allocated to an instance. That is why it does not make sense to define limiting values for user number or average response time either. The group definition must then be changed so that the logons of the group affected are redirected to other instances. Register Login. This procedure are having the following advantages — Users are no longer tied down to individual instances which might possibly become overloaded.

Since users now log on to logical LOGON groups and not to physical instances, instances can be exchanged or created within a group without SAPGuis having to be reconfigured.

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logon groups in sap

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logon groups in sap

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Product Support Accreditation. More Resources. Visit the SAP Community. Brand New - Start here!High-level understanding of the process will help to explain details of SAP Logon configuration. Advertisement Once the request is forwarded into ABAP Dispatcher, the request will be kept in the request queue first. Based on the concept of FIFO First In and First Outthe dispatcher will find any free work process based on the user request type and assign it to the user.

For example, for user login request, a dialog work process will be assigned if there are work processes available in the system. Once the work process is assigned, it will check and compare logon user data user id and password with the user master data which is stored in the database.

If the logon user data is matching and in sync with stored user data in the database, it will return the positive result and allow the request in accessing the system. Otherwise, it will reject the request.

Description : You can put any description of the system, e. SAP Development System. What is SAProuter String? SAProuter is running on a server with a public IP address We need to maintain this in saprouttab file.

SNC Secure Network Communication is an interface to provide security layer for communication to an external security product. Integrity protection : System detection on manipulation of the data between the two communication channels. Click Finish button. Then, you can see the saved configuration entry in SAP Logon. Double click on the connection line to access the system. They dynamically distribute user access to application servers. When users log on to access the system, the message server will check which application server currently has the best performance statistics or the fewest users and the new users will be routed to that application server.

First, create a logon group. Run transaction code SMLG. Click Create button. Enter the name of a logon group you can put any name.

Next, we will add SAP instances into logon group and click Copy button. Click on Save button. First, click on Create button and then select connection. Press Next button. The description and instance number will be automatically selected by the SAP Logon setup. You can leave System ID blank because it will be automatically picked up.

Press Nextthen Nextand then Finish buttons. As you can see below, System ID NW1 is automatically selected because it is read from the message server configuration in the services. Did you like this tutorial about SAP Logon configuration?

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LOGON group maintenance and configuration

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SAP Logon Configuration

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